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Dubbed as the "Northern Gateway from Manila," Bulacan is indeed an ideal investment destination owing largely to the following factors: Strategic Location; Highly Productive Human Resources; Abundant Natural Resources; Well-Developed Infrastructure Support; Reasonable Cost for Doing Business; Effective Government and Private Sector Partnership for Investments; Favorable Peace and Order Situation; and Attractive Investments Incentives. Bulacan has fast become an ideal tourist destination, owing to its vital role in Philippine history, and its rich heritage in culture and the arts. The province is popularly known for its historical sites; nostalgic old houses and churches; idyllic ecological attractions; religious attractions; colorful and enchanting festivals; swimming and various themed attractions; and a wide selection of elegant native crafts and sumptuous delicacies. It is also home to numerous resorts, hotels, restaurants, and other recreational facilities. (Source: https://www.bulacan.gov.ph/generalinfo/index.php )

More tourists means more opportunities for businesses. Hence, why do businesses thrive on sales when they’ve got the top-of-the-line products and services? The answer is you need to show-off online. People are influenced based on what they always see, especially what is most seen in Facebook or Google.

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