Featured Interview from the Marketing Q&A Panel with Ralph Quito and his business advice on using Facebook Marketing

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Founder and CEO of Quedy Media Ralph Quito participates in a marketing Q&A and shares how the average business owner is barely scratching the surface and mishandling the potential of Facebook Marketing.

This is the first of a two-part series of the Q&A discussion.


Q: First of all, thank you Ralph for joining this marketing panel. Facebook Marketing- we have all heard of it but you are saying we have not yet tapped its potential. Can you please explain?

RQ: Thank you for inviting me and I’m very glad to be here. First, let me share to our audience some of the misconceptions we have on Facebook Marketing. Often business owners come to Quedy Media and say they post a picture of a product they’re selling, write a caption of the name, price and other details of the product and then they proudly tell us that they are already using Facebook Marketing.


Q: That’s not Facebook Marketing?

RQ: It is and it isn’t. It is Facebook Marketing because they are using Facebook to market their business. It isn’t Facebook Marketing because Facebook Marketing goes beyond simple uploading photos and writing captions. Business owners can do much for their business when they know what Facebook Marketing really is or more specifically what business tools are available in Facebook to market their business.


Q: So it isn’t just posting, liking and sharing. What are these Facebook Marketing tools?

RQ: Honestly, I can’t tell you all of these Facebook Marketing tools because every day Facebook comes up with new tools. Instead, let me answer your question the best way I can by sharing the top 3 tools that I think are the easiest, most cost-efficient and overall most effective for any business.


Q: Great, let’s start with the first one.

RQ: Sure, my 3rd favorite and recommended Facebook Marketing tool is the set of customizable call to action buttons. Standard posts only allow Likes, Comments and Shares but every business owner should know the importance of calls to action or CTAs and that is what Facebook Marketing can offer.

CTAs trigger your customers into action, after you posted a picture of your product, do you want them to order, call, chat or find you? Facebook Marketing provides you with the buttons you need to maximize every post that you need.


Q: So that’s what those buttons are called! I remember trying to look for this newly opened diner and when I found its Facebook page, I couldn’t easily find its exact location. I ended up choosing another restaurant because I’m just too lazy to search again and that restaurant’s Facebook page has a Get Directions button!

RQ: Exactly! Through Facebook Marketing, the more useful your post becomes, the less effort the customers require and the easier for them to purchase. Nothing discourages a customer more than attempting to transact with an inaccessible or irresponsive business.


Q: The second tool that you recommend Ralph?

RQ: Local targeting is my second favorite Facebook Marketing tool. Let me share an interesting trivia about Facebook- if you allow it, FB can detect wherever you are whenever you sign in.  Then, based on your interests, patterns of Likes and Shares, Facebook will actually match and show you businesses within your area that offer products that you prefer

With local targeting Facebook Marketing, you can set your posts to be visible to anyone within a specific location and to anyone with interests on the products or services that you have. This tool is particularly useful for businesses that are location-based, like restaurants, pet shops, clinics, spas and similar businesses.


Watch out for Part 2 of the Q&A discussion to know about Ralph’s top 1 pick among the many Facebook Marketing tools and to discover how your business can leverage Facebook Marketing to its maximum potential. If you can’t wait for Part 2, visit Quedy Media for more information on Facebook Marketing by contacting Ralph and his team of Certified Digital Marketers here.

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