Get the Boost Your Business Needs! Read how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can jumpstart business success

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Welcome to Part 2 of our series on the Essential Tools for Digital Businesses, today  is an overview of another important tool: pay-per-click (PPC) specifically in Google search advertising. In an earlier article, we talked about the advantages of Local SEO and how it can improve the visibility and accessibility of your businesses. Today is all about pay-per-click and how it is the perfect pair for your Local SEO.


What is Pay-Per-Click (Google Search Advertising)

Pay-Per-Click or more popularly known as PPC advertising is Google’s way of allowing websites to occupy a more visible space on their search result page. Studies confirm that the average customer will only browse through the first ten results of their search and will only click the first three to five links. This means if your website is anywhere beyond the first ten results, chances are it would be ignored.

Through Pay-Per-Click advertising, your website will automatically shoot up to the prime spot in Google’s search result page. Your site will have a special box to make it stand out from other sites, occupying these premium areas gives your business the best first impression that it needs for customers.


Why Your Business Needs Pay-Per-Click

  1. Catch Up with Your Competitor

There are only few better ways to increase your website’s visibility than Pay-Per-Click. Think of PPC as a shortcut to boosting your marketing efforts and making your business eye-catching to already interested customers.

Pay-Per-Click is a also a way for startup businesses to compete with their more established competitors. If your website does not yet have the same number of traffic, credibility and back-links that your competitors have, Pay-Per-Click is the perfect tool to catch up with the rest.


  1. Match Up with Your Targets

Unlike traditional advertising that is shown to any kind of demographic, Pay-Per-Click advertising hits the bull’s eye with your target demographics. Is your target market millenials living in Manila with a history of using their mobile phones for online shopping of perfumes? Or do you want to target fathers living in Bulacan who are car owners searching with their desktop computers for the best car cleaning products? PPC can find these people, or any specific demographic you have in mind, for you and then show your website to them. Have a combination of products or services? PPC can target people who also have those interests.

With Pay-Per-Click advertising, your website’s traffic is filled not with random visitors but with actual customers who already have an interest with your products or services. Instead of cold leads, you have a pipeline of hot leads that are almost ripe for the sale!


  1. Team Up with Your SEO Tools

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a good tool by itself but when paired up with SEO, the results can be amazing. SEO results usually become evident on an average of two to three months. While you wait for the organic rank increase, PPC can takeover for SEO to get your business up to par with your competitors.

The great thing about Pay-Per-Click is that once you get the results you want on your SEO, you can gradually phase out PPC and just retain SEO. This means you are able to reduce expenses while still keeping the same results of a combined PPC and SEO campaign!


Quedy Media offers businesses their strategies and techniques to make the most out of Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Our Certified Digital Marketers can guide you to make the right decision on whatever marketing tool that best matches their business profile and marketing objectives. For a free consultation on how Pay-Per-Click can work for you, contact Quedy Media here.

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