What is Local SEO and Why Does Your Business Need It?

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SEO or search engine optimization– you might have heard already about it or know a great deal about it but do you know a more targeted SEO? Local SEO is the perfect match businesses, whose target market are in a specific locality: restaurants, pet shops, law firms, gyms, clinics and other professional services


What is Local SEO?

A step above regular search results, Local SEO creates a specially marked location map and a boxed result area that is informative, useful and most importantly eye-catching. With Local SEO, your target market knows exactly where you are, how to contact you and what your customers say about you- all information a potential customer needs to buy- made accessible at a glance!

Search engines can detect the location of its users and Local SEO capitalizes on that function. If a user within your area makes a generic search for products or services that you specifically offer, Local SEO puts you on a higher visibility because your business matches your potential customer’s location. This means a bigger competitor outside your ranks lower than you because of your location.


What is not Local SEO?

Local SEO is not expensive, in fact it can be cheaper. Because it is locally targeted, local SEO uses local rates at very affordable prices. This means that whether you are a small business just starting up or already an established enterprise looking to widen its reach, you can definitely leverage local SEO to your advantage.

Local SEO does not prevent customers from other locations from finding you, in fact it can be quite the opposite. The more visible you are in your locality, the more credible you become and the more attractive your business is for searchers. It is definite win-win scenario, you get to be seen by potential customers in your area while still being visible in other localities.


Why Local SEO Works for Your Business?

Local SEO is great, especially for start-up or locally based businesses. It gives you and your business the edge it needs to be visible despite the many competitors in the industry. It gives your free advertising because search engines make your website and business more accessible and eye-catching to already interested searchers.


How Quedy Media Does Local SEO?

Don’t let yourself be worried by marketing jargon or technical terms. Quedy Media knows that you are more concerned with the results

  • Puts your business on the top 1 to 10 results of search engine results
  • Drives geographically-relevant traffic to your site
  • Increases the visibility of your business
  • Targets local market demographics
  • Targets local rankings

There are just too many advantages in Local SEO that businesses can no longer ignore. Give your business that Local SEO boost that it needs! Talk to our Certified Digital Marketer for a free consultation here.

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